Business Valuations

Be it for supporting business transactions or catering to accounting and regulatory requirements, there is an ever growing need for independent valuations to be carried out. Our experts at Morison (UAE) Consulting have years of experience in undertaking business valuations to help you estimate the value of your businesses.

Intangible Valuations

When you acquire a business, you pay not only for the intangible assets but also intangible assets which lack physical properties but represent legal rights or competitive advantages developed or acquired. Intangible assets are expected to generate some measurable amount of economic benefit to the owner, such as incremental turnover or earnings (pricing, volume and better delivery, amongst others), cost savings (process economies and marketing cost savings) and increased market share or visibility. We seek to identify the right approach for valuing the intangible assets based on our extensive experience. Our approach includes research and analysis of market transactions for different but comparable information to deliver a commercially balanced, realistic and consistent valuation.

Purchase Price Allocations

Where you have acquired a company for a purchase consideration which may also be attributable to assets,both tangible and intangible,developed or acquired, accounting standards require the purchase price to be allocated into various assets and liabilities acquired from the transaction. Our experts will identify the various assets of the business and assess the value of the same for the purpose of allocating the purchase price paid into these assets so identified.

Goodwill Impairment Tests

Goodwill and many other intangible assets of indefinite life recorded in the books require annual testing for impairment to assess whether the value reflected therein need to be impaired. Our experts assess the need for impairment based on indicators identified. We have experience in developingwell-structured and integrated impairment models that can be used for further impairment tests as well as ongoing business review.

Financial & Operational Due Diligence

Have identified a potential investment opportunity and wish to assess the health of the target business before the takeover? Due diligence is a critical exercise to assess the financial and operational health of any potential target for acquisition. It involvesan in-depth review of all financial records, systems and processes as well as operational areas along with any other material areas. As part of due diligence, our consultants engage in investigations into the firm’s financial circumstances, document review, trend analysis, comparison of historical financial data, discussion and interviews with the management and key employees.

Market Due Diligence

Market due diligence considers a study of the market in which the target operates. We carry out a customized approach by conducting interviews with customers, assess the market size, demand drivers and competitors with a fuller analysis of the assumptions that lie behind the business plan. All of this is intended to determine whether the business plan orvalue proposition stands up to the realities of the market.

Information Memorandum / Investor Presentations

Looking to sell your business or divest your shares? An information memorandum(IM) helps you present your business case to prospective investors after they have reviewed a brief Investment Summary and signed a Confidentiality Agreement.IM allows you to present a comprehensive, fair, and realistic picture of a company’s potential, enhancing the credibility of the business case and pitch.

M&A – Post Merger Integration

A merger or acquisition involves the coming together of two or more organizations into a single organization or umbrella encompassing several organizational systems, such as assets, people, resources, tasks, and information technology. This integration requires overwhelming effort and coordination and is understandably one of the most challenging areas to address during a merger or acquisition.

Credit Risk Mitigation

Client Segments - Banks and Government Agencies (SME)

Post Fund Monitoring

To provide support for monitoring of loan portfolios on a continuous basis We provide client monitoring services to various lenders and other stakeholders such as Banks and Non-Banking Financial Institutions and Governmental Agencies – for both Fund based and Non-fund based lending. Our reports give in-depth analysis on the financials, operations and cash flows. Detailed analyses are conducted on Inventories, Receivables, Payables, Contingent Liabilities and Financial Commitments, Related Party Transactions etc.

Pre Funding Due Diligence

To facilitate the risk assessment process for sanctioning of loans / facilities

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